Davie Bowie Drabble

A Scribophile group had a contest for Drabbles (works that are exactly 100 words long) inspired by David Bowie songs. I saw it too late to enter the contest but wrote one anyway, based on Lazarus from his final album, Blackstar.

Changes, Under Pressure
The Man Who Sold the World
So many of my memories
Are connected to your work
A crowded concert, waving “hi”
I faced my fears to see you, live

By the time I got to New York
To see your Lazarus
You’d used up almost all your days
Unbeknownst to us
I judged your show too harshly
I saw that it was rushed
The show felt incomplete to me
Something lacking in your touch
Twelve days later your last album
Just two days before your death
A last goodbye on your own terms
Blackstar, a parting gift